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I happened to have this in my junk mailbox today,thought it might help some people:-


At Learn HQ we understand that this can be a costly and time consuming undertaking especially for those working in the childcare industry with staffing ratios and tight margins. To enable businesses to meet their training requirements whilst still concentrating on running their business Learn HQ have developed an eLearning solution to this issue.


Food Hygiene – The Basics <http://www.learnhq.com/Portals/1/Public/Food%20Hygiene%20Datasheet.pdf>


This course covers the following:

* The Common Causes of Food Poisoning * Preventing Cross Contamination

* Cleaning and Disinfecting * The Correct Storage of Food

* Chilling, Freezing and Cooking * Harmful Bacteria

* Food Hygiene – The Law


“Food Hygiene – The Basics” is available on CD or via download and is extremely competitively priced. Already used by hundreds of schools and colleges, Learn HQ are now extending this exclusive education offer to childminders and nurseries. With pricing of just £9.99 for a Childminder license and £49.99 for an entire Nursery site license, eLearning can be an excellent addition to your training portfolio without ruining your training budget (multi-site licenses are also available).

Please contact us on 01285 659000 or email food@learnhq.com <mailto:food@learnhq.com> for further information or to place your order today.


Other courses within our portfolio include:-


* Food Hygiene – The Basics * Age Restricted Products

* Fire Safety * Fire Safety for the NHS

* Manual Handling * Patient Moving and Handling

* Infection Control for the NHS * Workplace Ergonomics and Safety

* Slips, Trips and Falls * Estate Agency Legislation

* Data Protection

Learn HQ Ltd are eLearning specialists and can also provide bespoke eLearning development, eLearning development tools, eLearning consultancy and eLearning deployment and management systems. To discuss your requirements further please contact us as detailed below.


Paul Sheridan


T: 01285 659000 F: 01285 657198


M: 07828 576 096 E: paul.sheridan@learnhq.com <mailto:paul.sheridan@learnhq.com>


W: www.learnhq.com <http://www.learnhq.com>


Learn HQ Limited

Globe House

Love Lane




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I was searching the forum to see if anyone could answer my question when I realised I got the original information from here - doh!


So the question is (cos Ofsted won't commit themselves!!) does the food hygiene training for preparing a snack inn pre-school have to be accredited by the chartered institute of environmental health? Someone from a link above says no but they want to sell me their course. Someone from the local authority says yes but again they want to sell me their course. And Ofsted just says look at food safety website. Aaarrrgh!

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We have the CD from Learn HQ and it is really easy to use.


I don't know if the food hygiene training has to be accredited or not but our head OK'ed this for us to use this as our food hygiene training in FS in our school.

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Thank you. As it is so much easier to access and cheaper I think we might go ahead with this. The advantage is I can also ask members of the committee who help out sometimes to do it too and then they can help us in the kitchen too.

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