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  1. Language programmes

    were a new school thats only been open a couple of years so we only have KS1 at the moment
  2. Hi I was wondering if any of your schools currently use a language programme to teach your children an addidional langugue (primary school- all classes). Mine is thinking of starting to teach Spanish but as non of the staff really have any experience in this we are looking into suitable programmes. I think one we quite liked was Speekee but thought it would be good to get some feedback from anyone else using this or other programmes.
  3. thanks blondie I hadn't thought of a register, I think they will like that. Yes we have lots of white boards/clip boards in the environment in the different areas and have lots of messy play fine motor skills activities for the children to explore in child initiative play but I was after a little more stucture (a task) for the group at this time so the group I am working with don't think the others are just having free play!
  4. Hi I was wondering if some of you could please give me some new ideas for a group of childre to be writting for a purpose as a independant activity whilst I am with the other group of children doing reading/writting lesson. I have done things like wriing labels for models they are making, writing a list before going to the role play shop, writing a list of ingedients before we have made cakes, pizzas etc writting a card to some one (either birthday, thank you, sorry) but am finding it harder as the terms go on to think of interesting things they can do that will mean something to them! Any ideas would be much appriciated
  5. Hello I'm not sure if I'm posting this is the correct place but I was wondering if anyone knows of some paint that I can use with the children to decorate an outside wooded screen with so it needs to be both waterproof and non toxic as I want to let them do handprints on it once we have painted a base colour. Any ideas would be much appricated, thanks
  6. Standard 4.2 4.3

    I haven't got a peer observation but could get one sorted out and yes need to show these in my assessors visit
  7. Standard 4.2 4.3

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers for 4.2 and 4.3 as I need some more stronger evidence I have done about SST and given examples of when I give contructive feedback but I need to elaborate on how I encourage the children to see what they might learn next and how I get them to build on their learning. At the moment I am with 2 year olds but obviously need to cover all age groups really on it. My minds gone a bit blank and hopfully with some pointers I will be back on the right track again
  8. I used to be a support childminder untill not so long ago and I think a lot of it depends on the new childminder. I have a lot think they knew everything and didn't want to hear any suggestion and I think threaterened when I asked if they wanted me to visit them and look through policies etc (not many took me up on this). A few would just say yes everything fine and want to get me off the phone as quick as possible. A lot were only doing it only for a friends child or for 'pocket money' and not interested in chilminding as a career or profesion at all. The ones who were interested came along to childminding and/or child centre groups and took my advise or asked me for suggestions and many of this still come to our groups and we are close. This ones all did really well in their 1st inseptions and were very gratfull for my help, others wouldn't even say till after the inspection happened and werent botherd what grade they got even if they got actions. Them getting actions used to annoy me as alot were for simple things like no risk assesment fot example and are questions I ask them near the beginning about have they got them policies etc in place. Anyway I've always helped out new childminders who come to the school or groups I attend weather they are or are not on my list so I dfecided to give up doing it through ncma and help those who I come across who would like it.Most would never call me to see me or chat about advise and others would be on the phone every 2 or 3 days. I think it depends on the newly registered childminder and how willing they are to help/suggestions and why the support childminder signed up to do it. I only used to get just over £100 every 6 months I think, not sure if it varies much place to place but I definatly wasn't in it for the money!!!
  9. Request For Help

    Not had report yet but she basically said a big no no to tick sheets, the weekly one I have 5 of on a laminated sheet so are wiped clean each month and started again.It should apparently be signed and dated and then a date when you will next do it, if any thing is not safe then write what you did and the date of when you righted it. So you can just put a broken toy in the bin we now have to write it down too! More paper work!!
  10. Hi Madson I have a child with me who attends an other setting on days they are not with me so don't do pick ups . I have visited it and meet key worker but they weren't very keen on doing much so I have devised a form which I send in via the parents at the end of each term. It has things like learning goals for next term, what child has achieved during this term, what child has enjoyed doing etc on it. It is split into 2 on one side I write in and the other the key worker. As far as I now they copy it so they have a record then parents bring completed form back to me - Ofsted said it was good
  11. Request For Help

    Upsey Daisy I can 2nd what you said about the Ofsted inspectors only being interested in paper work. I had mine last week she sat down with her lap top and asked for my folders, evidence, policies, learnig journeys etc then sat there for the whole moring!! She didn't come through to the kitchen dinner when we had morning snack or lunch nor did she accopany us in the garden, she was sitting near the window so said she could watch!! She didn't ask what room I use or look arond the house just walked down hall way ans sat in play room!! She was very hot on risk assesments and really liked the format I used for the ones on outings (thanks to who ever posted the orginal & I adapted sightly) but said a tick sheet house risk assesment of things I check either daily, weekly, monthly, quaterly or yearly was not enough to meet the legal requirment so I got an ation for it!! My local CDW from NCMA said some of her Network lady's are not as good as mine so says I should possibly challenge it. I'll have to wait and see what the report says!
  12. A Man In Childcare

    I definatly think more men should be in the early years. I am a childminder and my husband in the past also worked with me for nearly 2 years. The children loved him (especially 1 child who was from a single family and had no contact with Dad- they bonded really well). When the child minding went quiet and money was tight he then also did playschool a few sessions a week which he rally liked. Unfortunalty he is now not in child care anymore as like someone I think has already said the pay is not great and once our family growed and my child minding spaces reduced we could not live on both of us being on a child care wage!!
  13. Help Please

    Hello and welcome to the forum Some one has alraedy mentioned this but I too was told you can not charge seperatly for food unless you are registered as a food buisness and have inspections, food hygiene etc
  14. Here you go Marley the 2 registers are:- Registration on the Early Years Register will be compulsory for providers who care for children aged from birth to the 31 August following their fifth birthday, unless they are exempt from registration. The exemptions will be set out in regulations. All those on the Early Years Register must deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. Registration on the compulsory part of the Childcare Register will be compulsory for providers who care for children from 1 September following their fifth birthday (the end of the foundation stage) up to the age of eight. This is usually six and seven-year-olds, but could include some five-year-olds. Again, some providers may be exempt from registration.
  15. Yes as in Ofsted registered. There are 2 registers not 100% sure of the ages of them!! (one under 8's?? oneover? one unde 5's one over? ) I have heard that it costs quite alot more to be on the only school age one and that is why I know you don't have to be registered for over 8's as a childminder at school only has junior children so decided not to carry on her registration!!