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Hi everybody. I am looking at the sort of training settings are receiving with regards to the EYFS. I would be grateful if you could answer the following question:


What training have you received regarding the new Early Years Foundation Stage?


1) Attended briefing session

2) Have attended training

3) Enroled on future training

4) No training planned that you are aware of


I would also be grateful if you could let me know what local authority your setting is in, but this is not absolutely necessary if you don't wish to divulge this information.


Many thanks


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Guest MaryEMac

Hi, Linda


LEA is Cambridgeshire


I missed the local briefing because of other committments.

We had first training session with reception teachers in November.

Second training session just for playgroups/nurseries in January.


I have now to book a bespoke training session with our EYFSA to take place during the summer term. We may link with several local groups if we need the same training.



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Birmingham had some 'raising awareness days' which lasted for just half a day, but that was before Christmas.

I havent seen any training days in the training manuals that are sent to nurseries.

As supply, I cant go on any training days anyway, even if I pay

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Had the local briefing september or october, 2 of us attended,


all staff in group are booked on a 1 day training on 20th March (we were told to have a closure day for this) Trisning days have been going on in feb and march in several locations around the area.




N.Somerset LEA


Dare I ask why the enquiry...are you lacking in training opportunities?

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Hi Linda


Essex LA


Briefing - July 2007

Training 1st part 28 November 2007

Training 2nd part 28 February 2008

Possible training workshop before end of summer term


Not found any other training in our area yet



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Hi Linda!

Full marks to Brent. One overall view last summer to get us thinking, understanding the folder, overall view, points that may arise. Then all Foundation stage co-ordinators had one day of training in the autumn term and one in the spring term. Still nothing too specific, general overview, philosophy, areas to consider, points to take back to our settings. Final day of training with pro-formas etc. is set for the summer. LEA advisors coming into schools and helping, advising and showing next stage in our current practice - actually doing that not inspecting and criticising!!!!!

Ruthanne :o

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Walsall LEA - I'm attending a full day's training this week and apparently there are some more "specialised" sessions being put on during the summer term, with particular foci, e.g. planning.

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Just checked my LA directory and there are courses on the four aspects aswell as general training

Training to Support Settings Delivering EYFS 93


A ‘Skilful Communicator’ and the Links to the 4 Principles of the EYFS

A ’Strong Child’ and the Links to the 4 Principles of the EYFS

A ‘Competent Learner’ and the Links to the 4 Principles of the EYFS

A ‘Healthy Child’ and the Links to the 4 Principles of the EYFS

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Bristol did the awareness training back in the summer. Every setting was supposed to have 2 people on this mandatory training.


Each of the 4 themes have 3 months with about a dozen trainings on different days of the week. Extra courses are being put on as the uptake has been far more than expected. We've done Enabling Environments and are part way through Positive Relationships. 2 of us went last week and 2 more tomorrow.


A Unique Child trainings start in March.


Those we've gone on so far have been very good.



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Magenta, I've got a feeling there's something on in Birmingham in March that's independent - a flyer came inside one of the early years magazines and it was really expensive. Maybe someone else knows the details.....

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Hi - based in Cheshire.


End of last year, attended briefing: collected pack and overview of EYFS


Last week attended first of 3, 3 hour training sessions. This session focussed on the basic philosophies of the new framework, such as active learning and the importance of outdoor play, planning an environment conduscive to delivering the EYFS. We have session two in March and session 3 in April. Session 2 is looking at Observation Planning and Assessment (hurray... always need help in this area!!) We have been given a task to undertake and then report back on at the next session - we have to change one thing within our setting, with a view to implementing EYFS, and share this with the group at the next session. The session we have already attended was interesting and thought provoking & involved us as "active learners" - leading by example!!


Hope this of use to you Linda.

Ann x

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LA Lincolnshire


Briefing in October for an afternoon


One day training in December with a follow up afternoon in february and another full day in March.

There was also mention of other training with Reception teachers in the Summer term.


Only one member of staff has been allowed to attend the training. We are expected to do a staff meeting before the february half day so we can feed back then.

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Thank you everybody for those replies. Our training isn't specifically about the EYFS. There has been a course for leaders and managers which links to the new document but nothing just looking at it and perhaps highlighting changes etc.

I know that essentially there isn't a great deal of change but I feel it would be reassuring for many settings to have looked at the document and had the opportunity to discuss any worries they may have.

Thanks again.


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