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  1. Staff not signed up to DBS Update

    I had no idea about this update service until I had a similar situation. Tbh I think it should be compulsory to be in the update service. I have to go and do another dbs now for setting I work voluntarily for.
  2. cooperative childcare campaign.

    When I did my nursery nurse training back in 1996, a lad from my school started on the course, he was really passionate and did really well with assignments but when he turned up to a home placement he had the door slammed in his face and his nursery placement suddenly weren't able to have him as a student, with that he left. In my experience there are very few men who chose to work in early years, I would imagine the pay is a factor as well as the assumption it's "women's work" I've come across one other male in early years in 20 years and I think that's pretty poor. I'm currently a TA for a male teacher in a large primary and he is fantastic, we are fortunate that we have a number of male staff in school which as a previous poster mentioned can influence and impact on children who may not have those sort of relationships in their lives.
  3. Handwashing outdoors

    Thanks Tiggy, that sounds like a great idea!
  4. Handwashing outdoors

    I can't open the attachment and I really want to read it!
  5. Hello! I ran a FSU from 2005-2009 back when our county head of children's services wasn't keen so we had to prove it to her. It was a small village primary and pre school was on site, we took on the pre school and they were in with our reception children. There was me teaching and leading overall but I planned and worked alongside the pre school manager. We had large ratios so we were able to have full free flow provision. The most important factors here were that I found the children who were in our pre school had higher FSP scores than those who had either attended another setting or had no provision at all, they also settled quickly because they knew the setting. The school doesn't operate this system now as far as I know ( and I don't know the reasons for this as I left 5 years ago) but it worked brilliantly at the timeand I do think now due to the expectations that this sort of provison is seen less than it was. Hope this helps Anne
  6. Conjunctivitis

    Isn't there two types. One that goes on its on and one that needs antibiotics? I could b wrong. Advise in settings I have worked in have been the children can attend as long as they have treatment but I personally think in settings with tinies they should be kept off because you can't tell a baby or toddler not to rub their eyes.
  7. 2 Year old having Headlice.

    Yep, I use to get this too. Even the lotions and potions say use a week later! The only any as you say lsp is to comb and comb to break the life cycle. I use the nitty gritty comb on my children and its hands down the best I have used, got rid of my sons with one comb over. I'm pretty sure nitty gritty do some sort of "deal" for settings on combs and info which could be worth Looking into. I'm surprised you are "allowed" to have a word with the parents of the affected child, maybe its different in maintained nurseries and school settings but we were told we aren't allowed to tell the parents of the child that they have headlice, we could only put up posters and highlight to each parent to check their child's hair as we had headlice in the setting.
  8. Employment and English & Maths

    When I did my Level 3 I went straight to it because I had 4 GCSEs at C grade (well I had more than that but4 was the minimum) there were no requirements for them to be in specific subjects. There were no equivalency tests but looking back maybe there should have been because on the BTEC there were very high expectations with regard to written work and we did a module on data investigation and interpretation, many students on the course struggled with the level of comprehension required and so had to go and do the one year course before going onto the BTEC.
  9. Employment and English & Maths

    I think it's got to the point now where I really need to crack on and nail maths! I can't progress without it!
  10. Employment and English & Maths

    A friend of mine told me yesterday she is going to be doing a Level 2 TA course and she has been told she has to do a maths equivalency course along side it as standard. She said she's "not allowed" to do the Level 3 until she's done Level 2.
  11. Employment and English & Maths

    I'm so confused! If you already hold Level 3 and gained it years before then you can still be counted in ratio? Yes?
  12. I have to work on a Friday night
  13. Employment and English & Maths

    Thanks Mollypiper. That's how I saw it until I read the link HN2015 posted and I then thought it meant that if someone who achieved level 3 before the cut off would not be counted in ratio.
  14. Yes I have done this. The head at the school I worked at was an early years specialist and believed that early years practice could be transferred across all classes in the school by using continuous provision throughout the sessions bringing in key groups of children as and when needed. In our year 1/2 class we would have a whole class focus then send the children off for their continuous provision activity while the teacher and Ta would work with different groups. The continuous provison would tie into the whole class teaching so that the children could access it independently, in all classes we provided sand and water trays and they would be included in this provision but with a different focus e.g letters in the sand to create words Once you have worked with EYFS it is very easy to work up the key stages and apply the same principles as you would for EY but just enhancing them further for the keys stage
  15. Employment and English & Maths

    So correct me if I'm wrong, if someone who gained their level 3 before the cut off then decided to apply for a job at another setting they would now be discounted because they don't have a C in maths. That's completely insane. So many excellent early years practitioners will be made unemployable by this ridiculous ruling. Surely it should stay as being applied retrospectively?