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Creating the picture - guidance content:


Part one

Assessment and record-keeping


* section 1: overview of observational assessment in the context of the EYFS

* section 2: principles for observational assessment and record-keeping

* section 3: eight principles for early childhood observational assessment

* section 4: six principles for record-keeping

* section 5: four principles for demonstrating progress


Part two

Including all children


* local context

* inclusive practice

* observational assessment for inclusion

* references and useful websites.


The guidance and additional supporting materials can be downloaded below.


click here



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Guest Wolfie

I saw this recently and it looks good - but I can't believe that you have to download it all and there is no hard copy - it costs a fortune in paper and ink!

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There are plans to publish a hard copy in the autumn as far as I know - think it's in the document somewhere, they're getting responses and feedback around the country at regional LA events and the like and will then publish it in a final version.


Sorry Susan!!


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Thanks Catma for reminding me about this I downloaded and promptly forgot all about it :o must be my age

Just what I did - it can't be our age Marion - must be the name! Mind you in my case it wasn't til I'd read through it that I thought it all sounded vaguely familiar...



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