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Hi with the end of term arriving shortly for some of us, I was wondering if any of you send out copies of some of your policies in the new families welcome packs? We have a folder in our main entrance with them all in. 

If not how do you get parents to access them?          If you do send them out which ones do you send? 

I currently send out copies of: Children's rights and entitlements, Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults, Uncollected child, Missing child, The role of the Key Person and settling -in, Managing children who are sick and infectious or with allergies, Food and Drink, Promoting positive behaviour, Privacy notice, Admissions, Parental involvement and Schedule of fees.

As you can imagine this takes up a lot of time and resources, to send these out as some have several pages for each, this why I am asking as I'm trying to reduce costs and to reduce the amount of time I spend putting new welcome backs together.



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I would definitely recommend going digital with that sort of thing. If you already have digital copies of them all, you can put them on your website as suggested, or as a zip file and email them out to new parents. 

If save the file I'm sure that will save you a lot of time (and paper and printer ink!) in the future too! :) 

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I use Tapestry and have a child called ‘policies’ attached to all parents, as they are updated I remove old and add new, I started doing this before the ‘documents’ feature was added so may have used that instead but the ‘policy child’ can be accessed from the app. 

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We have a folder of policies in our foyer and name them all in our welcome pack. I have only once in xxx years seen anyone look at it- even our last ofsted inspector wasn't particularly bothered. There's too many for parents to read- I know I wouldn't if I was a parent- you'd never take it all in. Even I occasionally  think- must put that in our so and so policy and then find it's already there!

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