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I hope this is ok, I'm new to this forum!

I work for a group of private nurseries which are due to reopen on 1st June. We are currently working through the mammoth task that is updating policies and risk assessments etc which I am sure many of you are familiar with! I was hoping I could pick some brains and get some ideas of how you plan to carry out certain procedures safely?

We usually complete a paper diary sheet which is handed to the parent at the end of the day- we would like to go paper free but the tapestry care diary cannot be viewed on the app which is a pain for parents as they would have to log onto a browser. Any ideas? The only thing I could think is to upload a photo of the diary sheet to tapestry like an obs. We would also need accident forms to be signed etc.

Another worry is how we will clean toys as we go without restricting the children too much or having a pile of toys to clean at 6pm! Also, how do you plan to clean your toys? Is warm soapy water enough? I'm worried about using detergents etc incase these are not safe for children.

Any ideas will be greatly received! There's a lot to think about isn't there!


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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  Have you looked at the other posts in the Covid 19 thread? There are lots of helpful discussions going on, risk assessments and ideas and advice. Well worth looking and catching up on each thread.

The photo of the diary sheet uploaded to Tapestry sounds like a good idea as long as it is not a really long task for you to complete. Not sure how many children you would be doing it for.

With regards to cleaning toys.  I will restrict the amount of toys available at any one time and have a rotation system in place. At the end of a session the toys will be soaked in Milton for 30 minutes, then air dried and returned back to the box.   Toys that need cleaning in session will be anti-backed and wiped. Our outdoor toys such as bikes and slides will be cleaned (by children) with warm soapy water and then at the end of session with a diluted bleach solution then left to air dry.


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We are running seperate am and pm sessions...we have basically set up two sets of everything and two areas to store them in. They wil have restricted use to resources:| and then cleaned at the end of the session. If something gets missed as long as it goes back in the right am or pm pile should be okish!!

The only thing we are doing between sessions are the climbing things that we only have one set of.

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