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I've got such a headache! Got a call allegedly from someone at the high court telling me my business is just about to have writ served against me for £4K overdue tax and that if I don't dispute it bailiffs will be at my door today and I'll end up paying much more. Of course the debt had to be paid now and he couldn't wait five minutes for me to phone HMRC to check. After half an hour on the phone and me being very nearly tempted to cave. I told him I wasn't comfortable doing this over the phone. I called HMRC who said this happens all the time and that all was fine. I'm literally shaking. Why is it that these people think it is ok to scam you out of your hard earned money? Be aware everyone and please pass it on.

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Sorry to hear that Marsha, and thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately there are quite a few scams like these, many targeted directly at small businesses where they know people don't have the resources to push back. If they put as much time into honest work as they do into trying to extract money dishonestly, they'd probably be able to earn a good living without hurting others.

Hope it doesn't spoil your day completely! :)

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