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Hi EY people!


I wonder if you could help me.... How do we find staff? Its getting more and more difficult.:(

I just passed Ofsted with a good after being made inade 6 months ago!! yay me but the staff are leaving now and there seems to be a shortage of staff! Any suggestions would really help me!


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Firstly well done on your Ofsted...secondly good luck!!:ph34r:

We have been looking for staff for the last 18 months...i have just found a lovely lady ..but she hasn't started yet so i'm crossing my fingers.

I have advertised locally in schools library etc and on indeed . We have had lots of response but the quality is awful.....but you do get lots of applications which is good.

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We used indeed last year. Got well over 100 applications- most were no good- as in we're  asking for a L3 in EY's and we got L3'S in anything and everything including catering, beauticians and car maintenance! We had around 20 complete application forms with 11 returning them. However only 5 of these were any good. We did get someone- she is very good but as someone has already said some of our applicants quality was terrible. I did start to wonder with indeed if they were just applying to show willingly to their job centre/benefits people.  

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