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  1. Staff Rota

    I am in the same position
  2. STAFF

    Hi EY people! I wonder if you could help me.... How do we find staff? Its getting more and more difficult. I just passed Ofsted with a good after being made inade 6 months ago!! yay me but the staff are leaving now and there seems to be a shortage of staff! Any suggestions would really help me! Thanks
  3. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    I have always tried my best....and it obviously was not good enough. I will do my best to sort things again for the people that work there and parents that need that place. Life sometimes takes its toll i guess and this is not an easy career. No excuses... just do better...the fear I felt going through that was like nothing before and five years ago it was not like that for me... thats partly because of the experience i have had and things i have seen during the time. I mean..... still do not know how I would have been able to be there for both settings while the inspections were happening at the same time, especially when Ofsted were aware that I managed them both...but I dont know i think that was a little harsh. Which most defo put alot of pressure on mine and the teams performance that day...considering that was its first time being inspected. JUST near perfect next time I guess...well that is what we are aiming for before they come lol....if we are still open by then.
  4. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    Ok. Well people have different experiences and have different views. I thought this platform allowed that my apologies. I guess there is a system of how they do things and even if I had got a GOOD, i still would have something to say about it....but thats just me. While training as an Inspector I bared witness to those flaws I am afraid. I guess it is true people say you have always got something to say when you dont get what you want to hear. Personally I think most systems of process are flawed by nature as we are human! I am happy with disagreeing as everyone has their own views. I find it amazing you are able to speak for ALL inspectors. Nevermind its nothing hard work and commitment can not fix I say.....We know what we need to work on so hey. I guess we will see. And for the record I did speak during the inspecting ....it depends on side of the table you sit on. Thats why its call experience everyone perception is different.
  5. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    I am not so sure about the level playing field either. Just hit all the points they want and make it better. It also depend who you get walk through the door. The process is flawed by nature. Also the good suffer for the bad...When I trained as an inspector I saw the politics behind it and I saw with my own eyes and inspector grade differently because the other setting had an 'Outstanding'! When it comes to SG I understand why there needs to be the fuss....but mostly its about the inspectors likes and dislikes I think. ANd where they like the cold or not or whther like english speaker etc etc the list goes on. The fact is it is much harder to get a good these days...for lots of reasons. So if you got one congrats...If not dont give up!
  6. Inspections within 12 months following RI

    I have just been RI too...I am confused and upset but can see what went wrong. Does anyone know if the funding is pulled straight away? I have emailed LA the rating and I am waiting to see what they will say. If they take the funding the nursery will close and everyone out of a job Ofsted said theyd be back in 6months whilst we change a few thing how will we do this without the funding.
  7. OFSTED complaint

    Night Guys..... My fears came true this Friday. Cut a long story short....they showed at both setting at the same time. I had no chance! One piece of evidence miss placed was enough..... Both got an inadequate which I do not believe they deserved maybe required improvements in some areas. Of the back of the Burglary, dissmissed staff & the stupid compliant that they didnt find evidence of! it was all a mess...My second nursery mortified thye had everything right but the way they answered certain things suggested they didnt understand enough. It was carnage... All the parents spoke and told them of the progress their children had been making. They knew I could not be in two places at once..... One mistake I made for forgetting that returning employees DBS had come in yet and keep her in the room with everyone...in my panic forgot!! and then got an enforcement!! IN my SEF it said all the changes I was going to make but it was too little too late. Now I am considering what to do and how to tell my parents ....IVe been crying all day but I knew things were not perfect but I thought requires improvement I would understand in places..... I mean one inspector said that my team spoke too much in the another language to a child that didnt speak english to we explained the child is new we are just making him feel comfy...'well repeat in english then' I dont know!! I jus feel to give up!!!
  8. OFSTED complaint

    Hey guys... Giantalice that is so unfortunate goodness me! Well today I woke up so early and rushed more poor son to breakfast club (which i never do) to get to work extra early Hoping O would come today....but it seems they would like us to sweat.... The annoying thing is we have only been open a year and having had any compliants to record....I know it sounds crazy but other than a parent saying 'thats not my childs clothes lol" there is nothing else!!! I dont know what to do because if we have had a complaint from a parent it would be recorded....I dont know. I am just making sure everything is in place for them to see.... Thanks For the supportive word guys... I will defo let you know what happens!! x
  9. Coping with change

    Hi ALL, I dont know most of my team have worked with each for years with me...Change is normal for us its cosistency that we lack I think. And some times communicating. throw in what we call the young blood lol and its a crazy mix. This nursery manger bit is doing me in a little.... after I get these Ofsted out the way....I may just pass the baton! lol
  10. OFSTED complaint

    Hi Guys, Just need to vent....Opened a nursery last year and waited for Ofsted to come along in the first time and grade us in a normal inspection. Over a year later now....Woke up today to hear that Ofsted is in my nursery .....as you can imagine SHOCK HORROR but ready nevertheless. When i get there around 9.15 ************ is sitting in my chair. Now if anyone knows inspectors at all....SHe is the DARTH VADER of inspectors!! and is mostly on sent into complicated settings. How do i know this i hear you say??? Well because she TRAINED me to be an inspector so we recognised each other stright away..... sooooo AWKARD!! She said there had been a compliant that triggered the inspection.....I was like where have you all been for the past year and a bit! Anyway conflict of interest meant I could decide not to continue with the inspection and that another inspector would attend another unannoucned day! PHEW by me some time.... OKAY all my parents are happy and I have no idea where this complaint came from and I am super upset for my team who have been waiting show off to OFsted and now it has been tarnished in this way. (and she would tell me the nature of the compliant which I understand but its soooo stressful! I know once a compliant has been made no matter how true or not having an inspection in this way is the worse.... My parents were confused and were sadden as I did not hide the fact that this was happening from them. Having trained as an Inspector I totally lost my respect for the framework and job itself and I know I belong on childcare side no doubt..... Could anyone shed any light or advice for me...I am sure they will be back within a week but I also have another setting that is due an OFSTED do you think they will just turn up to that one too as the other had the compliant?? I am so upset and worried now .....sometimes I wonder why I do this Edit: we have removed the inspector's name. The FSF editorial team.
  11. SEF

    phewwww... Thanks...
  12. SEF

    Im sorry everyone i came in on the convos late is there a new SEF for preschools and Nurseries I've nearly finished writing the SEF for my setting and now I'm reading your threads I've realised its the old one. Will ofsted still accept it??
  13. Child led planning

    Hello all, We have started planning in the moment. This thread in very informative. Thanks