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Advice re Management please.


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Hi - can anyone tell me what qualifications are needed/ criteria need to be met to manage a setting these days ?

I've read EYFS Statutory Framework and can only see that in sect 3.23  "In group settings, the manager must hold at least a full and relevant level 3............The manager must have at least two years experience of working in an early years setting.........." and basically that they must have a competent deputy. 

When I spoke to my local EY team, they told me that it must be someone who was an EYT or equally qualified.......I cant find this criteria anywhere. Anybody know anything different ?

I have some QTS's working in the setting but these are not the people I would wish to appoint into a management role as they have sufficient responsibility already. This is for some one (or maybe even two people) to manage the setting on a day to day basis. The nominated person is one of the governors so it wouldn't be to take that role either. 

Thanks in a anticipation.


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Hmm interesting!

EYFS clearly says (as you've quoted) level three.  But maybe your LA would like higher?

I had an ofsted re-regestraion visit a few weeks ago. One of the questions asked was about how I was self- reflect (SEF). I said I was planning to use our LAs 'audits' forms as I felt they covered most things etc.  Surprisingly she told me she didn't think that was a good idea- as they have different expectations and cover their own agenda rather than the EYFS! :o  Obviously this is true. 


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Well that's what I thought sunnyday.....I have looked high and low and have looked at other settings Managers job descriptions - but I can't find a thing !! Maybe I should just e mail Ofsted directly ....although they'll probably just tell me to look in the Statutory Framework ! 

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