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Sorry to raise the issue again but really do we need to pay for the licence if we play it to the children within session 1/ 2 a day and use a different CD at Christmas seems rather a lot to pay £100 for that.  especially as we pay a licence to perform the CD at Christmas!

Want to make sure it's something that we al have to do.  Also the tariffs don't seem fair as we are a small preschool term time pack away and I'm guessing we pay the same as. larger private full day care or maintained nursery?

Anyone have any up to date info to shed some light before  pay :0)


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You should be able to find the information here.  I don't think it matters that you are only open for short hours.  It is all to do with the author/composer's copyright and our right to play their music.


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What about this statement though? There may also be situations where the law permits music to be used without requiring TheMusicLicence, such as where music is only performed or played for instructional purposes in an educational establishment.

Surely we are classed as an educational establishment? We only play music for the children to dance to, which is part of their learning and development. Or am I missing something? Happy to be corrected if I am as obviously don't want to break the law, but i'm sure it depends how you explain yourself to them.


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6 minutes ago, PaseyLtd said:

This topic is a minefield, the main issue being the only people you can ask if you need a licence are the people who sell them!!


Absolutely, and of course they want you to buy the licence! I feel that we don't need one as we use music to help with education and development, just like a school does, so why should we have to pay and they don't? I therefore say we don't need a licence.

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We pay for the combined licence.  The fee is worked out according to the number of children in the setting but we feel it is still large for our small charity preschool.  I feel frustrated because we have to pay and yet schools are exempt.  Apparently the EYFS is not considered a curriculum.  Once again it stretches underfunded nurseries.

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