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Just thought I would mention what I think is probably a scam.    I was rung today by a telephone number from Manchester requesting I pay an invoice of £189. as sponsorship for a Drug and Alcohol book being distributed to schools.    On further questioning, I am supposed to have agreed to this sponsorship some time ago, having spoken to this person on the telephone.      For one I cannot recall any previous telephone call and two, there is no way I would sponsor that type of money.   I did ask what type of school she thought I was running, but she made no comment.  The call ended rather abruptly as it became apparent to her that I was not going to part with any money!

I could be wrong and it may have been legitimate, but something felt wrong.    I did google the telephone number and apparently 0161 numbers are used frequently for those calls you get often at the same time of day, or answer and there's nobody there, 

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