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I have been asked to consider taking a level 1 student for a month, 3 mornings per week. I know the student as she came to our pre-school many years ago! Boy, have I been in this game a long time :wacko: I will most likely agree to. We haven't had a level 1 student for many years, I while I shall follow our usual Student induction etc., and I have downloaded a Student Policy and adjusted it for us today, anyone offer any insights ? Anyone had a level 1 student lately. What do you actually get them to help with? She is or is about to be 17 and comes with a DBS from the College. She wont be alone with the children at any time, she does have some physical difficulties but nothing major. I obviously want the experience to be positive and meaningful for everyone concerned.



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We often have students with us and it is usually a positive experience for all........


I give them a 'job' when I am planning - so perhaps playdough or puzzles or supporting book corner - you will soon see what they are capable of doing and know how far you can challenge the


She might have a list of tasks/experiences that her school/college need her to fulfil


If a student is really keen I think it's a real privilege to mentor them and give them an introduction to pre-school life


Good luck :1b

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Level 1 Qualifications
Introductory qualifications that are ideal for those new to the industry. They cover basic tasks and knowledge. At this level you will gain relevant knowledge and skills to complete routine tasks under supervision.


Found this which might help you.

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At level 1 she might need repetitive tasks. Could she prepare snack?

Sorry bit late at night can't think what other type tasks could be included.

I had level 1 student she did not have English and her culture didn't recognise childrens independence. A bit different from your situation.

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