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Claiming payment for '30 hours'


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Hi All


Just need a bit of advice, am a registered childminder in Bedford and also work at a pre-school, One of my parents at the pre-school is eligible for the 30 hours funding and has got her DERN number, she is only claiming for the 18 hours she wants her to do at the pre school and has asked me if I will look after her as her childminder for 1 day a week after school for around 1.5 hours and can she use this DERN for me as well.


What I need to know is how do I claim as a childminder for this 1.5 hours per week? As have not got a clue how I would claim personally for it and cannot find any information anywhere that tells me how to.




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I think also there will be some local agreement paperwork that will need to be done for the LA - I know we have a model agreement which allows a parent to record the settings where the cild will be using the hours so the LA can use this in the audits they have to do.

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This is Alison Mooney – the PACEY Childminding Development Worker, in Bedford Borough.

I am a bit confused as to why any Provider in Bedford Borough would not know what the current procedures for offering the 30 hours is. All the information that Providers need regarding providing 30 hours is on the Local Authority Forum of the Foundation Stage Forum. The LA Early Years Team have a topic entitled “30 hours”.

I would suggest that you also look at the “Childminding in Bedford Borough” section which has all the information you need under “Nursery Education Funding (NEF)”.

Both myself, and Julie Comber in the Early Years Team have sent out regular emails to all providers in Bedford Borough with updates, advice and procedures for offering the 30 hours in Bedford Borough.

I also email out a monthly E Bulletin to all registered Bedford Borough Childminders for whom we have a valid email address. The latest one was sent last Friday 21st July with full details of the process for Childminders and parents.

All Providers in Bedford Borough have been invited to attend regular Early Years Network meetings for updates on the 30 hours and an opportunity to ask questions.

I would strongly recommend that you refer to the local forums as detailed above and if you still need any further information please contact me.

Email alison.mooney@pacey.org.uk Mobile: 07734734142

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Hi Alison


As a manager of the pre-school I know all about offering the 30 hours to our parents and indeed this is up and running for us, however as a childminder I wanted to know how as a childminder I can claim payment for the 30 hours, a parent at my pre-school wants me to have her child for 1.5 hours every Monday after school which is not a problem for me, but wants to know if she can use the 30 funding to pay towards it, she has a DERN number for her pre-school funding which I have already put through for the pre-school however, as I have never claimed for NEF funding for any of my children I am not sure of the procedure to follow as a childminder to claim this, do I just send the information through to the FIS service again under my name instead of the pre-school? but then how do they know how or where they should be paying me? do I have to fill in an additional form to claim this with all my details on? I have absolutely no idea which is why I asked the original question.


I will have at look at the Childminding in Bedford borough section of NEF funding and see what that says.

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