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How about...................mum has started a new job, but doesn't want to pay fees at a nursery, so asks her neighbour, who speaks very limited English, has no DBS checks to look after children. Child starts going there, then regresses ( wetting, not speaking and appears very withdrawn)......the husband of the 'carer' works nights, so the child has to be quiet so he can sleep. The carer brings the child to a preschool, and tells the staff, in very poor English that 'she is naughty, she wets and poos on floor, so I tell her NO....her brother very stupid, she ( the mother) needs doctor to tell what is wrong with children..not normal'..........the carer is not registered with Ofsted/Social services/Lea childminding groups.She has only been in the country for a few months, so the mother knows very little about her and her husband..........other than they have a child ( who has every single tooth rotten and having to be extracted) of their own who is at school all day. This means that the 'cared for' child has no-one to play with as her sibling is also at school. Worried??Safeguarding issue?


and,t o add.......'carer' is getting paid for this and has the child in the carers home, not the child's own home

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Try this website I stumbled upon it and it's been a great resource for scenarios



was just going to post a link to this one - it's fab isn't it! we send one out monthly, ask staff to work as a room, discuss what they would do and then we share the 'answers'. It highlighted to us that they weren't all knowledgeable about the terms used so we did some training around that. OFSTED were impressed!

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