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  1. Appraisals

    Thank you all so much very helpful
  2. Appraisals

    Following this topic with interest does anyone have any templates for both supervision and appraisal please.
  3. Dad works away from home really good idea I'll give that a go there's days where I think is there something and others where I think he's absolutely fine
  4. Just looking for a bit of advice about a little boy I'm unsure about he's 31 months and although he doesn't show any significant developmental delay he does struggle socially. He is still breastfed and has a huge attachment to mum who he talks about throughout the day e.g. If we're looking at a dinosaur book he'll name the dinosaurs mammy dinosaur and then (his name)dinosaur if we're singing tommy thumb he asks us to sing mammy finger and then (his name) finger. With regards to his social skills he has developed a bond with 2 little girls who he follows and joins in with their play he never initiates play, he can't stand loud noises and gets upset also he can't stand being in a group of children and will leave the activity one example is reading s book in a group of 3 him included but when 2 others come to join us he gets upset and leaves the activity. He is a very sensitive little boy but I don't want to put it down to the way mum has got him and miss something I could hopefully help with. Sorry for the long post just trying to give you an insight into what he's like
  5. safeguarding scenarios

    I think I'll try that I like the idea of handing out for each room to worktogether as I find that it's always the same staff members who answer
  6. safeguarding scenarios

    This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for thank you both
  7. safeguarding scenarios

    hi everyone I'm just wondering if anyone has any safeguarding scenarios we could use as training during our staff meetings or any ideas of where to look for some thanks in advance
  8. 30p wage increase to NMW

    I don't think it's just the national living wage going up I think all the minimum wage amounts per hour are increasing so if any staff are on minimum wage they will also get a pay rise
  9. Any Ideas?

    Easter raffle add an Easter egg or 2 to the prizes or a spring raffle on its own as a prize if you've already broke up for Easter hols
  10. We are very similar to hopeytg and don't use planning sheets anymore we have a scrap book which we add to throughout the day/week and we have focus children activities which we work on all week or longer if needed we have been inspected using this format and the inspector really liked it and was excited to see us moving away from planning in advance it was all a very positive experience
  11. I'm just wondering if any one has a letter or information sheet they sent out to parents for me to have a look at, please, for ideas to explain how they were doing in the moment planning and why they were doing it. thanks in advance
  12. expressive arts and design

    thank you for all your replies, there's some really nice ideas there to think about
  13. Hi everyone can anyone help with a development matters statement I always struggle with, what would you look for the following statement- Captures experiences and responses with a range of media, such as music, dance and paint and other materials or words. look forward to reading your responses
  14. can I also have a copy too please