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Hello All


There is probably no definitive answer to this so would just like your opinions.


We are a committee pre-school and we had a couple of staff leave earlier this year, highlighting some issues with the manager.


The manager has recently had her appraisal and we did raise some of the issues that we felt were relevant (most were just minor quibbles)


Present at the appraisal was myself chair and another committee member.


The manager has asked that we keep the meeting notes confidential but should they be shared with the rest of the committee as her employer?....they will obviously be placed on her file for future reference.


There was nothing really untoward that was bought to our attention it was mainly concentrating on her organisation and tidiness.




Thanks in advance



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I have been Officer on the committee and pre-school manager so have seen both sides of the coin.


Appraisal issues were only ever seen/dealt with by the Officers of the committee - Chair Secretary & Treasurer.

The only thing that the general committee were ever told was that appraisals had been completed and this was then in the minutes, nothing was ever spoken about with any issues raised from any member of staff - unless of course it was something really general that committee could help with eg we once needed help with setting up due to an injured staff member and a committee member volunteered to come and help us.

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Have to say that I have absolutely no experience of Committee led groups........however, it occurs to me that if Committee is made up of parents perhaps I can understand why your manager would prefer these issues to be kept 'under wraps'.

What purpose would it serve for the general Committee members to be made aware?

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agree, we are committee led and when LP appraisals are done they are kept between the chair, other committee member present and Lead Practitioner. Not sure every committee member needs to know everything that is going on and I know many of ours wouldn't wan to know anyway as they want to do things like fund raising etc., and not be involved in day to day running etc.,

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Thanks all. As chair I didn't want to feel like I was keeping things to myself. One member has asked to see the notes from our meeting but I actually haven't seen them for a while and they may have forgot.

We had a couple of issues earlier in the year with leavers etc so I guess perhaps she wanted to know if that was bought up.


Thanks again



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