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Hi Could any of you clarify for me a question of ratios. The staff to child variety. Children over 3 the ratio is 1 adult to 8 children. I have a child who has 1:1 support do I have to count him in the general numbers.

If i do not count him in then I could squeeze another child who has asked for a session.

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I think you'll find that 1-1 support has no legal framework therfore you could use that practitioner to support other children however you would need to ensure that children's needs are being met and ofsted do have the right to change ratios if they feel it is safer/better to do so.

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Fin thats interesting.

Are you saying this as a legality? I thought it a condition of the discretionary funding that practitioner paid for by the funding was solely there for child and I therefore assumed could not be counted in.


I guess you should follow your local rules but i don't think they could do much about it! schools do this all the time (not that i think it;s a great idea!)

Are your lea paying the full rate for a full time practitioner for the 1-1 position?

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