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Has anyone had any experience in working towards being paperless? We have been using Tapestry for almost a year now and it has sparked us thinking of ways to cut down on more unnecessary paperwork. We often have both computer and paper copies of things which seems silly plus it opens up the chance of one version being different to the other which can cause huge issues. The one thing we are struggling with is how we would get staff to sign documentation (such as policies, appraisal meeting documents etc) without having to print them off, get them to sign it and then scan it back in again.


Any help on this would be very grateful!

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We are almost paperless (if I can persuade the rest of the staff to stop printing things unnecessarily). We use

Nursery Management software to keep children's records and accounts - all receipts are sent by text and if parents want invoices or statements they are emailed.

On line banking and all payments and receipts are in computer files - we don't use or receive cheques - card payments are taken on modern WiFi touch screen card machine and receipts are texted. All wages are paid by BACS and payslips sent by email.

We have an absence management system where all staff book leave and record sickness and complete sick notes.

All applications for positions are through our website on interactive application form.

Tapestry is obviously the best thing since sliced bread - and has saved not only paper and printing costs but lots of space in the cupboards where all the development files were kept.

Newsletters are all on the website and parents receive notifications.

And we are launching our App in January which will allow parents to let us know if children are absent, check calendars, add.people to collection consent forms remotely and for us to send messages and reminders.

We don't bother printing signs anymore as we can put them on the info TV in reception throughout the day.

Our printing and paper costs have gone down by about £3k per year since 2010 and we save a lot in time and space as well.

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Yes, we do use electronic register but I'm planning to update that with a system where the children can self register on a large screen on the wall. The other thing we have installed this year is a fingerprint clocking in system for staff which downloads attendance records from all settings to one computer - no more time sheets or clock cards, brilliant.

Anyway I'm sorry - I didn't even answer the original question with all my boasting! Heather 1234, when we send policies and memos etc to staff, we use the function on email which requests that they confirm receipt and then we have a permanent record of what they have received. I have tried using docusign before, but some of the staff struggle with it for some reason.

And Sunnyday - don't feel you have to better - it's not for everyone. We have four settings and 70 staff so it's beneficial for me - plus I'm office based so more able to get on with stuff like that (and we have a brilliant ICT volunteer.

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Great, thank you for all of your replies. I'll definitely be looking into DocuSign as that was my biggest question mark (although I don't know how you can ensure that signatures aren't added by someone else?).


GFCCCC, would be read receipts be enough if you say had to go down capability or a disciplinary of a staff member wasn't complying to policies and you needed evidence that they had signed them? How do you document the read receipt?

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