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Concern re 35 month old


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I wonder if anyone can offer advice - we have a little boy who started with us in Sept - lovely little lad who has good language skills, knows his numbers, colours etc, good physical development but if you ask him a question he appears to have no comprehension at all. If we do a group activity - and say ask the children their favourite colour he will answer that question but then repeat the same answer for every question afterwards. The same happens if you ask him anything 1-1 - he also repeats a lot of what we say - almost parrot fashion - mainly the last 2 words. In play he will follow what other children do - copy their actions without appearing to really understand what he is doing.

We can not access any SEND support as he does not fit the criteria - unless I pay!! because he is not in his pre-school year - what happened to Early Intervention?

We all just have the 'niggle' that there is something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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His hearing seems ok but I will suggest to Mum that it is checked. lsp you may have a point - Mum does do everything for him when she drops off and picks up - he does need reminding daily of our routines. I think home life is rather chaotic - he has a brother 6 yrs older who has been diagnosed with ADHD and needs a lot of support.

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Re.language skills,


How old is he?


Is he using/repeating 'familiar phrases' or can he use his language functionally?

Again with his colours, numbers etc does he name on his own terms or will he name when asked by an adult? will he ask for objects by name? how does he request things?


How is he engaging with adults and peers?

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