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As the start of the new term approaches we review all our staff training to make sure that everything is as it should be (we also review these at annual appraisal). This means:

  • We check all managers' DBS status through the update service and confirm with all staff that their DBS status remains unchanged, including their 'by association' status. You can check DBS here (as long as they have signed up for the update service)
  • We check all staff health declarations and personal details remain unchanged
  • We ask all staff to review their understanding of The Prevent Duty training (Free course)
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Not sure if this is area wide but certainly in Lincolnshire if you log onto the Local Area Safeguarding Board there is a whole list of free refresher elearning courses that are really informative and useful too.

Yes, also in ESCC. I did a google search and found some

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