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Two new books for you to think about! New book reviews posted!


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I've been looking at these two lovely books and you can read the reviews by clicking the titles.


Two Mums and a menagerie


Two Dads


The "Two Mums" book holds up more a story in it's own right whereas the "Two Dads" book is more about the 'having two dads' aspect. Many children have parenting arrangements that differ from the 'mummy and daddy at home' set up and both of these books do a brilliant job of raising awareness in very young children that it doesn't matter who your parents are: unconditional love, fun and the more mundane aspects of family life are common in all happy families.

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If same-sex families is something you would like to know more about I found these very interesting articles in 'The Conversation'

Kids from same-sex families fare as well as peers – or better

Don’t believe the hype: kids with same-sex parents are well adjusted

In families with same-sex parents, the kids are all right


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