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Yet Another Consultation!

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Our LA has directed us to another DfE consultation on 30 hour 'free' entitlement.......opened on 3/4


sorry cannot do a link but it can be found on consult.education.gov.uk


this is not a box but a 9 page question and answer format - but quite honestly - I cannot understand half the questions - felt like I must have 'missed' some information somewhere???? Or could it be I'm all consulted out?

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My LA have also directed me to both these consultations but have also put this!!!


Capital Grants Programme :


As previously announced and as expected, the government will be making capital grants available to early years settings, including schools who currently offer, or plan to offer, provision for 3- and 4-year olds.


The Government has determined that this will be delivered through a local authority bidding process that aims to create more childcare places and support local authorities and providers to deliver the commitment to extend free childcare for working families from 15 to 30 hours.


· Any local authorities wishing to take part in the full bidding process should work with providers in their area and fill out the EOI application, which is available on the Education Funding Agency website today at:



· Local authorities must submit an EOI to take part in the full bid round by Friday 29th April


In order to inform what if any response XXXXXX LA makes to the call for expressions of interest, we need, as a first step, to consider responses from providers who would be interested in accessing capital to extend their provision or create new places. Please read the information currently available on the website carefully and include a very brief outline of your potential project in your return which you should send to XXXX by 5pm on Wednesday 20th April.




1) I really do feel for my LA in that they need to submit and EOI in a couple of weeks

​2) I feel even more for my colleagues and myself that we have literally a couple of weeks to think about what we would need to do if we feel that 30 hours is something we want to offer

​3) How are we meant to consider what I want to do, what we need to do it and how much it is going to cost when as yet we don't even have a rough idea of what demand there is going to be - this all smacks of sticking a finger in the wind (that's me being polite) and hoping that you can judge which direction the wind is blowing in or perhaps it is a government department hoping that when we all fail miserably to guesstimate what funds we need they can turn around and righteously say that we were asked and blew our chance - conveniently failing to give sufficient information or time in which to put together a decent case !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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