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I have a staff training day coming up and I was wondering if anyone has any activities that they have done and went really well. We always cover safeguarding, Fire training and food hygiene but I'm looking for some inspiration to make the day fun and active. We are a team of 11, get on really well and work with children 1-4 years.


Thanks in advance.

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You could ask everyone to bring to the meeting what they think works well and what area needs to be improved. The ideas could be written on slips of paper anonymously, then pulled out of a box and laid out. It could be really interesting to see what's the same and what is different. You could the produce a list of topics and ideas to work on. Ok, maybe not fun??

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I tend to break up the day with games, or where possible make the learning a game. Recently did a safeguarding acronym quiz with buzzers to boot, engaging groups where we all sat in a circle and popped bubbles, positive things about you game where everybody writes one positive thing about each member then folds the persons paper (so as making a fan) at end of day each staff member goes home and reads how wonderful they are ! I love this as usually traits occur I.e everyone says how amazing they are at story time. Junk modelling with a theme say your city, each team have to create something that represents your city then talk about who led, who was creative, who was good at supporting. If things get really brain tasking I like to throw in adhoc games such as wink murder lol. We do have great fun but then every session is filled with laughter as we all like to joke.

Unfortunately I carnt find a way to make every subject fun so I do lots of games and have chocolate all over the table especially when it's an all dayer x

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