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Developing shoulder and wrist stability


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I've got a group of boys who need to develop their shoulder and wrist strength and stability in order to develop their pencil grip and control. (when they mark-make some of them still use a grasp hold, otherwise an unstable modified tripod and none of them put their wrist on the table.) Please could you suggest some more ideas for me to try - in case I'm missing something effective that I can do with them.


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there are quite a few bits on pinterest...a recent one we've done was nice and simple longish pieces of paper with rolling pins wrapped in bubblewrap ....squirt blobs of paint on paper and ROLL! we did a bit of a warm up too going up and down and round with our arms...the boys thought this was hilarious...probably because I was being VERY silly about it! great for shoulder movements and wrist strength.

Water pistols a big hit/ threading bits of straws (surprisingly the boys as interested as the girls) cutting anything/ flick football / big builder for wrist turning ...or jars with goodies in /geoboards and tap a shape (! just posted on this one!!)

Also swinging from anything and being able to hold their own body weight really important ...and often quite tricky to do without appropriate equipment.

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Finleysmaid: threading bits of straw (onto a string)? What is big builder? Jars with goodies in - put goodies in or to look at?

Green Hippo x

threading ...yes or lace or wool or spaghetti depending on ability

Big builder is a type of construction set with bolts and screws ...meccano type activity would do the same... or real stuff if you are able!

Jars with things in (good maths activity too as the object has to fit! lots of little dinosaurs or jewels /cars anything really just so that they have to unscrew and rescrew when they put them away

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