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  • 2 weeks later...

It's time Ofsted got their act together!

Can't agree more and really feel that we should start standing up to Ofsted as their service is more than inadequate,


I was de-registered last year - I had moved, informed Ofsted and obviously my details were not updated. so they literally struck me of! When I didnt pay registration fee on time. My LEA informed me - said funding will not be paid - WHAT??! I managed to get re-instated (though I ask myself why I bother) and that was that..........This year I get same phone call from LEA - de-registered again!!

Once again this was Ofsteds fault, wrong house number imported into their computer - bearing in mind I have only just filled in that wretched email form - they said letters were returned 'not at this address'. Ummmm do you not think they could have phoned me or emailed me - these details were correct? They did'nt even try to contact my Manager - they have her details on their new shiny form!

I agree with Thumper - they do not care about sessional settings at all - they would have been quite happy to see this 20year old setting collapse after funding is withdrawn, all because they cannot get the basics right!! And B***dy Hell, we have just been fighting the government re-costs, and then they put our fees up 300%!?!?! WE CANNOT AFFORD IT!! Especially for such a p*** poor service such as it is!

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