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withdrawal of Childcare voucher scheme


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Hi I had a question regarding the withdrawal of childcare voucher scheme. One of the owners has decided to withdraw the childcare voucher scheme as of 30th June 2016 as she doesn't see the need for it. However, she is the one who introduced it a year ago at the nursery.


One of the staff approached me recently that she is 10 weeks pregnant, but without any formal notice in writing. She is having a scan soon. She asked me where she stands with respect to childcare vouchers as she has been receiving it at the time of introduction for her son.


Reading upon on internet, it says that it is a benefit that the employer can withdraw at any time. Not sure what to tell her.


Your advice would be appreciated (although I understand it is more a employment related question).



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Are you asking this about your nursery as an employer using this scheme for their employees as well as being registered to accept vouchers from parents? I'm afraid I do not know anything about vouchers but trying to get things clear in my head!!! :unsure: :unsure:

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If in August the new universal scheme becomes available, then it will be better for lower paid employees to be on those than the existing Childcare Voucher Scheme. There will be a 20% saving which will be higher than the existing tax rate saving. But if the existing scheme keeps being held up by the system managers keep challenging the change-over in court there will be no benefit to anyone.


Childcare providers gain so much business from Childcare Vouchers that it seems churlish to deny them to their employees.



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