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Hi there,


I have recently attended a training day on the five to thrive initiative and we are working on some ideas within our setting on how to promote it to our families. I was wondering what other nurseries have taken the initiative on board and what strategies have been successful for you when delivering it?

Also any other comments regarding five to thrive would be very helpful.


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the warm welcome.


It is an initiative that I believe has been in the health care world (midwifes etc) for some time but they are now trying to get nurseries etc to promote it so that parents see it as universal approach. Basically, it is five principals to parent by that will give your baby the best start and promote healthy brain development. They are respond, cuddle, play, relax and talk. These five principles can also be applied to parents by practitioners (replace cuddle with engage). There has also been an additional front page added to the red health care books as a part of this initiative.


The approach is a universal one but my interpretation is that it will be most beneficial for families that may be considered within the vulnerable bracket. If you google it the logo is some building blocks and there are lots of resources on the website to set up displays etc.


We are being encouraged to promote it to our parents and so far nothing I have come up with is what i would consider particularly engaging eg a poster, display or link on the website.


So any feedback would be great

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