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Hi I'm reviewing how we document and record medicines.

Children have their own container with meds in and I wondered what info I should keep with it. I thought of creating a document with a table: child's name, medicine and how to administer then under; date, time and who gave it? This could then be kept in the container/medipac with the medicine?

What do you do?

TIA ;)

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We did similar, but in book form so all together, one page per child/medication.. but ours had more info per sheet.


It had child's name, medication, dose, frequency and then any other instructions from parent - along with a permission sentence along the lines of I (parents name) give permission for the above medication to be given to my child as per instructions given and then signed..


Below was a table with date, time, who administered it and we had a witness double check it as well.. (this probably came form my nursing - less chance of errors )


Depending on medication we also asked parents to fill it in on arrival with last time/ dose given.. particularly important to ensure child is not being overdosed ..


Suppose we were very lucky having 2 trained nurses on staff so the majority of the time it was one of those who dealt with all medications.

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Each child has A4 clear zip up wallet type thing ( from wilkos !) a copy of their health plan is in it along with the medication, with a sheet to complete each time they receive the medication.

We have generic sheets for simple things like calpol etc - but a special sheet ( from the nurse) for our child with type 1 diabetes and for a child with CF

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