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Constructs with a purpose in mind.

green hippo

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I read something recently which made me question my understanding of the statement: "Constructs with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources.

My understanding: to have an intention about what they want to construct before they construct it, using suitable equipment to do so. E.g. I want to make a boat, choosing crates etc outside... as opposed to deciding what it is while or after building

Other understanding: to make something that has a purpose e.g. a bag to use for shopping on the role-play area or I want to make a den that keeps us dry?

Have I not been looking deeply enough for this statement?


Green Hippo x


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Id think the same as you greenhippo, constructing with a plan in mind, even if that 'plan' isn't necessarily articulated too well. And for me the variety of resources, doesn't mean a variety of resources in each construction but a variety of resources used in different constructions. So its one of things you would want to see happening several times. So today Im using boxes to make an aeroplane, but tomorrow I'm using a big sheet, and pegs etc to make a den.

The other description, which Ive not heard before, suggests that an aeroplane doesn't have a purpose! If maybe Ive misunderstood!

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Thanks for your replies!

I think the description that I read was suggesting that the child would have a purpose for the item. So instead of just wanting an aeroplane, they would 'need' it to fulfil a purpose within their play e.g. they need an aeroplane for their little people who are going on holiday. I actually think that this sort of thinking would be better described by the 'Being Imaginative' aspect. I'm sticking with my initial understand!

Thanks x

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