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Encouraging name writing.

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Is the child you are doing it with actually interested in writing? if not go back a step and do all the exercises etc involved in pre-writing skills.


If they are interested maybe write the letters on a piece of paper and put them in the sand tray to copy, hidden letters round the room - find the ones in their name.....is that the sort of thing you mean?

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have you used the Sand Draw App its free, the children can write their name on the screen then touch a button and the sea comes rolling in and washes it away - have found that useful, not many of ours turn their noses up at using the tablet when it's offered.


My Deputy is going to use icing sugar on Thursday as another ploy - make up the icing and put it in either piping bag or a glue drizzler and let them write on the table.


Similarly we spread dry sand on the table and they write in that.


Lining paper taped to two tables plenty of pens available for a mass "draw in", or taped under a table where they can lie on the floor and write on the table above.


Also lining paper taped to two tables to make a long rectangle shape and then large obstacles placed on top which they have to draw around, not literally, but in and out of, so zig zag shapes and bumpy shapes. Sometimes we do put out shapes to draw around and then encourage the children to turn that shape into a "person" but adding features.


I also have magic pens from Paperchase, quite a thick felt tipped pen. I write their name first and then they go over with the "magic" pen and it changes colour which some love, also use if for secret messages for the older ones.


We have both a huge white board and small individual ones, they love either, but not all the time, so they have a break every now and then and after a while out they come again.


Signing to have their turn at a go of something they want to do.

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