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Hi skippy. I work with a few settings that have both, and they work in different ways according to their skill set. Generally though the manager has the big picture and ensure the smooth running of the nursery, whilst the EYP has a specific role in either one room, or as a more 'pedagogical' lead. If you have both in your setting, why not sit down together and sort out who takes responsibility for what and then put that into job descriptions for the future. Its probably quite personal to each setting, and you would want your EYP/EYT to play to their strengths where possible, I would imagine.


There will be members here in exactly that position, but with the holidays upon us, the form traffic does slow down a bit, and so those member who can give their experiences may take a little longer than usual to come along and assist...but Im sure they will do.

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Nor here, I don't think there ever will be!

I'm the Provider & Senco, I have a Manager - if I had an EYP there would be so many if us with 'roles and responsibilities' that there would be no-one looking after the kids! Ha ha!

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