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Risk assessment- local outings


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Hi all

Sorry for all the posts recently. Lots of changes as we have moved premises :1b


We have moved to a more local area and have access to lots of local parks, shops and other experiences. We are planning to be out and about a lot.

We have got hi-vis jackets for the children as well as badges to wear with the pre-school phone number for lost children (hopefully will never be needed!)

I was just wondering do those of you that go on lots of local outings have a general risk assessment for outings or do you complete one for each new place you visit?



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we have one for the local park and one for outings in to the 'town' and down to the river. There are permanent so I don't redo them every time we go. Children who are a 'challenge'! when on outings may have their own risk assessment so that ratios for them may be covered on that!

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We have a basic format with spaces to details that would be needed for any outing, but then a space that asks 'risks specific to this outing / control measures'. We therefore complete one for each and every outing. Sorry i can't post one but I've tried to make one a bit like it (see below). It is not complete of course. The person leading the outing then writes in the details, or just ticks as necessary. Hope that's not clear as mud!





Outing to:


Purpose of outing


Adults supervising


Children attending


Number of mobile phone taken


Route taken


First aid box taken


Care plans taken for children with medical needs


Children’s medication taken








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