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How should I manage the little things that cause bigger problems?


Staff training days were implemented after I started, not in contracts or policies and in the beginning everyone was attending for the paid hours. Now two terms in, I struggle to get staff to come in, do you all have everything in writing and in a policy to cover these types of difficulties or should i just say I'm not happy and the expectation is that we all attend??? How do I cover this in supervision?


If plans for their adult led time or their next steps or their reports haven't been received by myself when I have requested them what can I do???


I am managed by a committee, I'm not a member so can't do disciplinary and therefore look to committee for support and they don't want this back and forth - what can I do to get a motivated and willing team???


Please help, starting to feel demmotivated myself!

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Hi it would certainly not be acceptable for non-attendance at our staff training days unless for exceptional circumstances.

The whole reason to have them in the first place is to train, plan and cascade all together.

In our contracts of employment it clearly states the expectation to attend training, additional events etc and is signed at the beginning of each persons employment with us.

I think this is something you might like to discuss with your committee for them to implement into their contracts but not you, as they are the employers.

Although our setting is committee based as the day to day manager I would be responsible for supervisions. If you have clear timescales for reports, paper work etc to have been received and it's not forthcoming then this is something that needs action.

I have in the past given out a letter to all staff with identified areas for improvement with whom to be actioned by and a deadline, this often has a desired effect.

Not easy being at the helm, so sending you a virtual hug.fx

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Wow, thank you fredbear!


A statement similar to yours regarding additional hours as requested is in our job description, so this makes up the contract too.


Do you contact staff by email with important dates and communication? I have now implemented 3 weekly staff meetings but tempted to do fortnightly as we only meet once a term which isn't good enough, but I have a fair bit of resistance sadly. So I would normally communicate through email, but it can be 'missed'.


I have worked out all the dates when I need data in and staff meetings, training days, so I think I will write them all a letter with these dates and add in that training days are essential and are an expected day.


What can I do if the data doesn't appear, it happened lots last term and one staff member won't have their key paperwork ready as back to work the same day as the children!


I am then bogged under trying to be a good manager in a busy setting, key person (which is my favourite bit) whilst chasing my tail and everyone else's trying to fulfil the massive task we have as manager.


I refuse to start my second academic year bogged under and in the same way as before but I don't know how to be more assertive and encourage my stragglers to work.

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Oh pickles you sound like your in a pickle , just be assertive and it does not hurt to explain to staff your responsibility as a manager and that the buck stops with you, emphasis how you are all a great team but we have to work together to achieve this. Regarding paperwork , have you thought about Tapestry ? This has really helped our staff with obs etc and completing on time, I give staff an hour each week in setting time to complete.

I know how you feel , it can be a struggle and sometimes takes time but you do have to tough at times , give staff clear expectations like you are going to do by letter and email ( all bases covered) and stress that this is part of their contract, ask your committee to support you more or just have a meeting with the chair to air your concerns .


I always say that we don't do this job for the money , you gotta love what you do, I love being hands on and being a key person and hate being sap warped with everything else , fortunately after 3 years and some real staff issues , I have a great team but they know who's boss !

Good luck for next term , sending big virtual hug

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Thank you lashes! You are right I am in a pickle! And I do love what I do.


I have been in setting for nearly two years, had some real staff difficulties and almost half the team have moved on. I live in hope to be where you are. I read an ofsted report about a year ago which included a manager who said it takes three years upon starting a managerial role to get a team directed and working together.


I find it hard to be tough and often feel I say things or email over and over with no effect from some staff. Which opens me up for pressure from committee and in my own roles,



We do now have Tapestry and that has been a blessing, and I will be using it more from a data perspective, but again I still need to chase all the time.


Thank you.

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pickles how big is your staff team and how much time do you have for management jobs?


also do you have anyone you can use as a mentor...either ones of the committee/lea or an experienced manager from another setting? it's really important to get some advice in these early days as habits you start now can be difficult to break later on....staff changes cost money so ensuring you have the right people doing the right things is essential

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Oh pickles you sound like me it's taken me nearly 4 years to get where we are , all but one member of staff moved on , had a lot of problems recruiting etc but you will get there , your passion and determination , my greatest mentors were the fabulous people on this forum and I have a great committee too who support me especially with all my mad ideas , it is hard and I don't always get it right but I try and learn from my mistakes , I give the staff 2 allocated sessions per week for Tapestry , tried and tested different ways and yes sometimes they still need a kick up the proverbial , I support them as much as possible but also make it clear it's a 2 way street . I found delegating responsibilities helps them take a more active role and realise that it's not all about the play ( sadly ) x

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Hello, thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments, I often find managers are on their own! I'm not normally confident or keen to join forums and ask questions. But I have read so much and gained so much from this forum that I am less scared in asking silly things.



You have all given me confidence so I have compiled an email and letter adding targets for our team for the term linking to new inspection handbook and including meetings and dates, so they will probably think I am bossy now, but at least I will be sharing expectations from the beginning of the year.


I haven't got a mentor, but I have wondered how I go about it, as I think a mentor would be very supportive as I am trying so hard and can be really hard on myself. Maybe I should contact another setting.


Thanks again.

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Hi Pickles,

do you have a support teacher - they might be able to point you in the right direction for a mentor - at least they will have an idea of who would be best to help you and could put out a few feelers for you.

i think that you will always have one of those members of staff who you have to chase - i know i do- and am sure most on here do.

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