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Have just received my certificate following recent First Aid training.........would recommend this company to anyone looking for a training provider - I'm not sure if they have nationwide reach......


Their email address is Info@mediaid.co.uk


Tel:01634 540999




I am not a huge fan of First Aid training but have to say I was really impressed with the trainer and the course content.....which included (and this stated on Certificate too) instruction in the use of Anaphylaxis Auto Injectors - Epipens to me - so that's very useful too......


Price for the two day (12 hour) course was £84.00 - much more favourable than the price for training offered through my LA


Anyway hope that might be useful to someone


BTW I am not on commission! :D

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Thanks for sharing this Sunnyday. As a large setting we organize our own first aid training and then invite other settings in the area to join us. So we'll look into this organisation and consider using them in future.

I am wondering what you mean by saying 'I an not a huge fan of first aid training'? I think it is really vital and all staff should have training. However, repeating the full course every 3 years becomes sooooo tedious. I must be about to do it for at least the 8th time! The changes are minimal each time so why, oh why can't we just have a 'refresher' instead.

Does anyone else feel like me?

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may have to look in to that louby loo ...who did you do it through ?



Small groups, and very much aimed at what we already did/didn't know. She asked us a lot of questions and if we were all confident she moved on to next part.


I also found I actually took in a lot more doing the online section. You could do it at you're own pace, and didn't have to do it in one go. Sometimes its easy to 'glaze over' in a class, especially when you've covered the subject many time before on previous training xDxD .......... however with the online bit you have to pay attention :D


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I am wondering what you mean by saying 'I an not a huge fan of first aid training'?

xD I just meant that I don't like it personally -it just doesn't 'float my boat' I find it all very boring........+ having to give up two Saturdays is tiresome to say the least!t

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I'm with you Sunnyday it doesn't 'float my boat' either - I would definitely vote for early shorter refreshers. On the grand scale of things we don't seem to get too many accidents (hope I'm not asking for trouble now!) and only doing things every 3 years means you don't retain a lot of it either.

If you don't use it, you lose it - sums me up totally :P

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