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Bullying in the workplace

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Hi all


We have uncovered widespread bullying and harassment from a member of staff in our baby room. This is not a first offence from this person who has lately been cautioned about inappropriate behaviour, rudeness to colleagues and generally not pulling her weight. She has been suspended pending an enquiry, but we have been advised to allow her back and into the same room where she has been bullying several members of staff. I cannot believe this should have been allowed, particularly since she had been suspended on full pay!


Any thoughts?

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I am absolutely furious and feel very let down because I think they are focusing too much on defending a potential dismissal tribunal. After all, if she went to a tribunal, the worst that could happen is a pay out, but the other staff are afraid of this person. What about the children too? If the parents were aware of the issue, I am sure they would not be impressed either :(

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Maybe advice needed from ACAS? I haven't had to deal with anything like this but I would have thought one of the first questions asked would be why were the policies and procedures not followed? Is there a case for involving LADO as you mention inappropriate behaviour?

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I would certainly seek advice from ACAS as they are the specialists in all things employment-based. Ultimately, I would think it depends on what your policy and procedures state - if there is a clear line of disciplinary procedures from verbal to written and gross misconduct, I would think that you have followed your procedures correctly.


Are you a member of NDNA/PLA - they both have legal advice lines that can offer you step by step guidance to ensure that you are doing things right.


I cannot believe that you are being advised to let her back to work let alone put her back into a room where she has carried out this bullying. Parenta are a support service that offer websites, management systems and training, I'm wasn't aware of them being an advisory service.

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Yes sound advice already. ACAS is certainly the organisation I would be contacting in this instance. Please remember to document all conversations and who with too. This will be invaluable in any future processes and any outcomes.

Not a nice thing to be part of I'm sure and wishing you well with this.

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