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Staff bringing own children


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Sorry if this is a repeat question, just wondered how other settings manage places for employees children.


Do you charge for the place, if so are the fees reduced, or do most places not allow staff to bring their own children?


We're only a small nursery, and I have 3 staff coming off maternity early next year + another 3 staff children already here, and while I don't want to seem mean, we do have to be sustainable :(


Thanks for any help/advice



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As others have said, it may be tricky for you as there may be a precedent. We don't allow any staff to bring their children to nursery, ever - even at full rate. We are very clear about that rule and apply it always, even if it means losing a member of staff. There are many reasons why, I'm sure may disagree and there may be many of you for whom it has worked okay but it's definitely the right decision for us.

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