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Eyfs questionnaire for staff


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  • 1 month later...

We are just writing one. We are finding that the college students that are coming into our settings to work don't have a clue about EYFS.


Will upload once complete, did you upload yours?

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  • 5 months later...

I'm assuming you mean Development Matters, not the Statutory Framework?

I would quote sentences from it and ask staff to state which area of L&D the quote is from. And/or, similarly, have short observations they need to relate to an area of L&D and explain their answer (since there would likely be multiple correct answers)

Do a true or false on whether or not staff need to plan for and observe the Specific Areas with under 2s (they do, of course)

Ask them to name a different approach or to Early Years practice or a different framework (e.g. Reggio Emilia or Te Whariki)

Can't really think of much else off the top of my head other than really simple questions that I don't think would be any good (like how many areas of L&D are there)

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Can't help - but (being cheeky here) would love a look at yours when you have completed it! ;)


I would love to see it as well, when it is finished, perhaps then we can all add to it and make a great document for staff. I'm sure they will hate it though but a great way to see what their understanding of the EYFS is.

We have just introduced small parts of EYFS in our staff meetings such as putting the statements into the correct order without using the EYFS (Development matters)

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