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Hello was hoping to get some advice on organising wrap around in a Playgroup/Nursery setting. I currently run two sessions, one in the morning and then one in the afternoon with a 45minute gap in the middle for tidying up and staff lunches.


A couple of our parents who receive the 15 free funded hours across the morning have asked if they could pay to stay for lunch and the afternoon session.


Is there any other settings that do this? Do you have separate planning for those certain children? My morning and afternoon planning is pretty similar and it would mean this child doing the same thing twice.


Don't know if this makes sense to anyone ....hopefully it does!


Thank you

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We offer all day sessions , parents can choose to do both sessions or separate sessions and additional lunch club.


For example - morning session 9- 3 afternoon session 12-3 lunch club is an additional charge of £3

So some children leave at 12 some pay and stay for lunch club leave at 1

For those doing all day no lunch club charge .

Children bring packed lunch , we supply water for them

Staff doing all day takes breaks from 11.30 onwards so there is always one adult per table at lunch club and group activity and key group activity take place at 11.30 , hope that makes sense

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we do all day too - children do the morning session then stay on for lunch then for the afternoon session. it does mean that children do the small group activity twice but key persons say that they find as different children in afternoon the activity is a bit different too. as the children choose what they want out we find that the resources are usually different too. we do tend to change the outdoor activities a bit too - construction,small world etc.,

think as the dynamics of the morning and afternoon groups of children are different it stops the children staying all day from becoming bored :0)

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We do all day too!

Morning nursery is 9 till 12

Afternoons 12 till 3.

All day 9-3.


Many moons ago when the entitlement changed from 12.5 hrs to 15 we wondered how to fit it all in with lunch too and finishing in line with the school.

So the last half hour if the morning session and the first half hour of the afternoon is lunch time.


Essentially then lunch is 11.30-12.30.

Some children go at 12. Some start at 12

It's worked well for us since 2007.

Staff have lunch from 11.30.


As for activities well we usually have the same out and the doors open so in my mind it gives time for revisiting and getting the most from all that's on offer.


Ofsted questioned me about it during one inspection..... They'd come in during the morning to see the children making dough to play with.....

When they saw it again in the afternoon what I pointed out was that a child from the morning session was teaching an afternoon child to make dough.....

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We also do these sort of hours


lunch club 11.30-12.00

pm 12-3

or all day 8.30-3

we try to change a few things round...my usual is 80% the same 20% different mainly because the different groups have different interests. It's pretty full on but works for us.

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We are open 9am - 3pm. Lunch is 12pm - 1pm - packed lunch bought in from home.


We have children doing 9am - 12pm, 9am - 1pm and 9am - 3pm. I have got one child doing 12pm - 3pm at the moment as it was the only way we could offer their full 15 hours. Its not ideal with our set-up but it suits their situation with transport arrangements and it only happens once a week.


We have less children / staff in the afternoon so try to do smaller group / one to one / games etc. and our transition visits this time of the year.


We do also reduce our hours when numbers drop and are not viable. We always open a minimum of 15 hours and try to maintain one full day. Easier for us as we do not have working parents. Good news for September - numbers good so opening hours stay the same :D

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Same as others, all day worked well with a variety of start and finish times.. morning only,morning plus lunch, lunch plus afternoon or afternoon only.. just need to be very good at working out the attendance to ensure numbers at any time are correct..


Parents supplied a packed lunch and we had time for a break with staff rota with overlap at lunch time with some leaving and arriving..


Our planning was the same for am and pm... different children meant it never felt the same , and we found for some children it was consolidating their learning.

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