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Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-Being scales (SSTEW)


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At the 4 Children conference yesterday they launched the new Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being Scales (SSTEW). It is in the same series as ECERS and ITERS and looks to me as if it could be very useful, so thought I'd give everyone the heads up. It is being used for the SEED research so settings that have been visited for this will already know it. Although it is designed for scoring, like ECERS and ITERS, it could also be used as a tool for self-assessment through general discussion with staff. The areas it looks at are:

Building trust, confidence and independence

· self-regulation and social development

· encouraging choices and independent play

· planning for small group and individual interactions/ adult deployment

Social and emotional well-being

· supporting socio-emotional well-being

Supporting and extending language and communication

· encouraging children to talk with others

· staff actively listen to children and encourage children to listen

· staff support children's language use

· sensitive responsiveness

Supporting learning and critical thinking

· supporting curiosity and problem-solving

· encouraging sustained shared thinking through storytelling, sharing books, singing and rhymes

· encouraging sustained shared thinking in investigation and exploration

· supporting concept development and higher-order thinking

Assessing learning and language

· using assessment to support and extend learning and critical thinking

· assessing language development

It is available from Trentham Books £19.99. Sorry, but struggling to create a link - perhaps some clever can add one for me?

By the way, I don't get commission!!!


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Thanks Manor for adding the link to 4Children website. I shall be very interested to hear how others use this in future.

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