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Never heard of them, but our LA Consultancy Team offer these for free.

We had a good at our last inspection and had got very complacent (I was a parent and committee member, not a member of staff at the time) and it was a whole session very thorough breakdown of paperwork and practice. We were told in no uncertain terms that if they had been Ofsted we would have been lucky not to get inadequate due to lack of staff knowledge and some of the paperwork wasn't in order. The things that you don't get told of when you are the committee....!!

Certainly worth doing, but see if your LA will do it before spending any money!


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Having looked at this thread, I contacted Future Creative as I thought their 'mock Ofsted' sounded a good idea. But it's WAY beyond our budget. The basic inspection and verbal feedback is £695 plus VAT, then £795 plus VAT if you want written feedback and they will come back again to see how you're doing for an extra £650 plus VAT per day! I bet it's really good but my bank account wouldn't be up to it!

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