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In your setting who is allowed to write out references?

In our setting a member of staff has recently left and we have received a email asking one of the Pre School Assistants to write a reference for her. She is suitably qualified to level 3 so i can not see the problem with her doing it but have been told by a senior member of the staff team that only leaders and deputy's are allowed to fill them out but if the the ex member of staff have not asked for us should i let the assistant do it i don't want her to feel like im pushing her out because she's not qualified enough when in fact she is really???? x x x

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I think it would depend as Julie says on whether it was classed as a work or personal reference. I would imagine if she is going to another childcare setting they would need a work based ref as well as character/personal ref.

If the employee has left childcare then I wouldn't see it as a problem if is a personal ref one.

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I agree with diesel 10. If the ex member of staff wanted a personal reference then she should address the reference to the assistant via her own address not the settings.

The manager or chairperson should write the reference if it is a reference from the employer.

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Agree with above personal references should be to home address she can comment on aspects that she knows of the ex employee but as a co worker so not about sickness, employment period, disciplinary etc. If it was sent to setting I would send it back or contact the person requesting stating why you can not provide a reference nor can the employee unless it is sent to their personal address. I would not fill it in as the ex employee has not named the manager etc as person to contact so has not given consent for the reference to be obtained from management.

Only reason why I would contact them to update why a reference will not be given is as when your on other side waiting for references to come back it's blinking annoying. x

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Is there any reason why the ex employee has not asked the manager/employer for a reference but requested it from an assistant? That is the first thing that crossed my mind!

Yes, and mine too!

I had someone who came for an interview tell me that she was quoting her Room Leader at a Day Nursery because she knew the manager wouldn't give her a good reference because she didn't like her - I have to say I did try to call the Room Leader got the manager who under no circumstances would pass me onto the room leader and who said there was NO WAY she would employ the woman again or give her a reference!

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