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I might have got this all wrong but


I thought that Ofsted did my crb (as it was then) 8 years ago when I became manager at my setting, I am also the registered person now.


Now I am in the process of renewing all the staff disclosures as the committee want them renewed every 8 years. BUT Ofsted haven't requested that I renew mine and my setting can't do it as the capita online account is my sign on / name on it.

So I'm checking everyone else's and mine hasn't been done for 8 years????


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I had this situation a while back with TMG - they suggested that the setting deputy be registered to countersign DBS checks and she then did mine but that was when they were all for free.

Surely your committee need to get up to date with the new system with the DBS and if you all get a new DBS check done and pay the annual fee to register with the update service then you don't need new DBS's you just check them through the update service.

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If Osted want one then they will ask..


(I worked 11+ years in a setting with no CRB at all, still on the old social service check,, I kept asking but was told on very call/inspection no need to do one! i just did the paper update in the setting annually to declare no changes)

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My last Crb/DBS was in 2003 as I became manager of my own buisness so Ofsted checked me, I looked into renewing mine after a few years with them and was told I did not require one. I then moved to manage another provision due to no break in working as a manager Ofsted still wouldn't re check me. When Ofsted checks are done they have a system with all services police, social etc that if anything was logged against you it would be flagged up to Ofsted so a re check is not required as it's constantly current. Where as staff DBS checks that are done through whichever company not Ofsted, are only as good as the day they are checked, someone can commit an offence the day after issue of a DBS and you would not know hence the onis being put on staff to declare any issues. This is all information I got from Ofsted (possibly back in the day when they tended to be more helpful lol)

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