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2 year check or not!


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Hi all


Think I might answer my own question here but......

I have a child that has joined us this term who went to another nursery previously. We asked mum for a copy of the learning journey like you do and a copy of the two year check. Mum showed us the only thing she had been given which was two sheets of paper with all seven areas between the sheets and a comment in each bit, and some of it is graded some not. No Characteristics of learning or next steps and mum hadn't been given a copy at the time even though it was done in April, although she has one now. Nothing more! No learning journey and no assessment after April.

Would you class this as a two year check??

Originally we said ok we have to do one then as it is now late and this little one is three at the end of this term so really running out of time, but the more I thought about it the more I thought do we? essentially although it wouldn't be my way to do the check there is at least some assessment information, more than we would do when you think that this child is not yet three so would normally not assess specific as such (I mean we record it if it happens but assessment focus for under three is normally prime areas). there is no comment on characteristics or next steps but does this matter? should we just save time and move on?

I have to say it isn't the first time I have had experience of this nursery not doing two year checks. I may given them a call and have a chat although I suppose that isn't really my role.

what do you think??


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Hi I would personally do one myself if the child isn't three until the end of this term.

Our 2 year check comprises of the 3 prime areas in detail. Alongside the 4 specific areas briefly.

It also has a section for any additional support required as well as a section for parents to comment and sign.

Our observation sheets contain the characteristics of effective learning and next steps, alongside our progress wheel.:)

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