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Ideas for school trip for Reception


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Hi all!

I hope your start of the new school year is going well!

We are planning school trips at the moment at my school and we've run out of ideas for a trip linked to our topics for Reception age children.

We are a school in north Surrey and our topics are:

Food, glorious food, Once upon a time... (traditional tales), A trip to London and Gardener's World (In my garden).

We're struggling to come up with a trip suitable for Reception that isn't too far away as well.

Any ideas anyone???

Thank you in advance!!

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Hi do you have any country parks that arrange Educational visits in your neck of the woods.

We have been pond dipping, bug hunting, den making, deer feeding, as well as the Gruffalo trail this year.

Hopefully somebody will be along soon that's more local to you.

Are there any local farms or local supermarkets, many often do visits to see the bakery etc.

Have fun whatever you decide.:)

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Local garden centre that might be amenable? You could get the children to look at a (selected and limited) catalogue before hand, make a list of the plants that they want to buy and then go shopping when they get there?

Any local castles?

I'd google 'things to do in north Surrey' and then go and look at specific venue websites to see if they do target EYFS specifically.

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They do a food-based session for schools where you can go behind the scenes,'and do some cooking too I think. Haven't done this myself, but could be handy if you have a big branch in walking distance.

The National Trust (at Box Hill maybe?) may help with the storytelling - our local rangers use a woodland to set all sorts, and some den-building, survival as well.

Hope you find some good places and have fun!

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