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For staff I have:

Application form

Interview notes



Driving licence / passport / birth certificate


Health questionnaire

Do I need to keep copies of qualification certificates on staff files or just a record to say that I have seen them?

Be grateful for advice.

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I think Ofsted want to see a copy of staff qualifications. This is what we have been led to believe (and I have read on some Ofsted reports)

We have photocopies of all qualifications in staff files and all certificates of training. Each staff member keeps an updated list of courses at the front with dates on so it easy to see and keep track of, in date order.

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We are not allowed to keep copies of drivers licence, passport, birth cert due to data protection but you have to state what you've seen them and the person who's checked them must sign to confirm they were checked....


This was an OFSTED inspectors advice, hope it helps

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No they are most definitely not yours to take copies of, however you can take the certificate ref no etc, much the same as the DBS. They remain the property of the said person.

Think this is in breach of data protection .

We do take copies of any training certificates for any inspection or audit.

Now your making me question should I actually do that either, will have to check on this.

So many regulations and dos and don'ts.:)

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ok went and did a bit of a check consensus seems to be take down details but not to photocopy (you need to have verified that they are able to work in the uk)

we keep staff training certificates as we have paid for them...but when they leave they take with them.

All our local schools take copies of birth certificates but i dont think this is truly legal! also it is a huge security undertaking to keep these things!

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