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just poured myself a large......coffee !


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just sitting and reflecting on my day, the kind of day when all i seemed to do was chase my own tail and achieve nothing - apart from ;

work all day with 1 staff member short

have no lunch break for 7 hours

help a newly potty trained sen child with the loo on numerous occasions, then mop out the bathroom after they flooded the sinks

clean up vomit from the floor, table and chairs after a child vomited ( afterwards found out mum had told a staff member on arrival that they did seem a little off colour !)

sit with above child for 30 mins -bowl on lap, water in hand , waiting for mum to collect

explain to mum of above child that no, we cant really have them back tommorow,

sort out summer trip

find and print some sen resources from internet

get invoices out to parents

deal with query from FIS

deal with query from school SENCo

fit in a wee

play with the children ( why does this always seem to be so difficult to do at the moment ??)

change a child who wet themselves ....twice, because they ( and i quote ) " couldnt be bothered to go to the toilet" !!

but that all seems to fade away, because today, one of my little chaps...who has quite complex needs and very, very limited delayed speech, who i have a little soft spot for ( i know we shouldnt but i can help it, they have been through so much ) said my name...for the first time, as they held up their drawing for me to see :1b makes me realise why I do all the above , for little rewards like that.


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Oh bless, that made me come over all tearful. And its nothing to do with the glass of port that I have just drunk (no other alcohol in the house, must shop for wine tomorrow) Had a week that has been a little trying this week so can relate to that. :1b

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