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Interesting Dilemma


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Hi all


I am faced with an interesting dilemma. I have been offered alternative premises and I am sorely tempted.....lovely brand new facility..light, spacious, airy, with fabulous outdoor spaces and partitions for flexibility.


The main issues are however there is a bar....(as in alcohol serving variety) :D ....within the space I have been offered. The building is a social club in the evenings and at weekends. The bar itself is about 5 metres long, has no shutters and is visible to all. The children cannot get access to the bar or it's contents but I am unsure as to whether this would even be considered or allowed by the authorities or Ofsted.


Are there any other settings out there that are set in social clubs.....feedback gratefully received!

Thanks all


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Why don't you ring ofsted and get some advice? i know it is possible as we have two local settings who do it...but i'm not sure whether you can see the booze! :blink: It must happen fairly often....i suspect it is a case of risk assessment and security! (you wouldn't want to find your staff helping themselves....nor would the social club so it would be in their interests too. In fact as a previous licence holder i would have been making sure no one had access to my stock ;)

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