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portfolio for EYFS Leadership interview


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I am not sure whether or not this is the right place for this thread, so apologies if it isn't! I found out today I have an interview for an EYFS Leader job after the Easter holidays. One of the things they have said is that if you have a Portfolio, then feel free to bring it along. I no longer have a portfolio (as I have been at the same school since being an NQT) but figured that if they've mentioned them, then it would be a good idea for me to bring one along.


I was thinking of including the following:

- photos of my learning environment both inside and outside

- examples of next steps, enhanced provision plans and daily plans

- data and data reports

- examples of staff performance management appraisals that I have done (I'm not too sure on this one unless I blocked out their names etc)

- my own performance management targets updated to show what I have achieved/yet to achieve

- SDP for Literacy (my current area of responsibility) highlighted to show what I have achieved so far

- examples of getting parents involved - emails and entries to their child's learning journeys etc


Can anyone think of anything else that I would need to include? I would be grateful for any thoughts/suggestions! Thanks!

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